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At Elsevier’s Gold Standard, we believe you deserve better. That’s why we are proud to share real-world testimonials from our clients. Several of our clients have also agreed to serve as references, to speak with you personally about their experiences with us.

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Client Testimonials

There is really nothing else on the market that compares especially since it has information specific for elderly patients.

Elsevier / Gold Standard 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our proprietary rules are derived from evidence-based best practices, and we look to Gold Standard to provide the critical pharmacology classification systems to help identify the most appropriate drug utilizations…….. We have even integrated the database into a patient portal, so individuals can access both their medication records and a medication action plan that will indicate any interventions and goals that have been set for them.

Scott McDaniel, CIO

The sales team is very customer focused and has worked to make changes that are asked for by our users.

Elsevier / Gold Standard 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey