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At Elsevier’s Gold Standard, we believe you deserve better. That’s why we are proud to share real-world testimonials from our clients. Several of our clients have also agreed to serve as references, to speak with you personally about their experiences with us.

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Client Testimonials

The superior technical architecture of the Gold Standard Drug Database made it an easy choice for us. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality content in the most flexible format. The Gold Standard Drug Database was the clear winner on both counts.

Sanjay Mittal, CEO

I have been a subscriber of Clinical Pharmacology for nearly ten years. I have also been producing a weekly call-in radio program in Columbia, SC, about medicines for ten years (“Your Prescription For Health” on WISW 1320 am). Besides providing me with help in my daily work as a Senior Care Pharmacist involved with medication therapy management, Clinical Pharmacology also provides me with accessible and complete drug information for the radio listeners around South Carolina. Thank you for developing and maintaining this wonderful resource for health professionals.

Eldon Armstrong, R.Ph., CGP
Sandlapper Consultant Pharmacists

Love it. ProspectoRx is easy to use and has a number of new ways to search and refine pricing data.

Armando Kellum
Sandoz, Inc.

The Elsevier / Gold Standard team is one of the best customer focused teams that I have dealt with in the industry.

Elsevier / Gold Standard 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are all set with Gold Standard Drug Database data and web service. Integrating into our system has been nothing but smooth sailing. Your product is light years ahead of this industry–an excellent brave step. Once again, congratulations on a fantastic job on the product!

Mihir Desai, Director Product Development
ChainDrugStore.Net / CommunityDrugStore.Net

Since implementing Clinical Measures, we are getting the exact information we need.

Edwin Weill, Pharmacy Informatics Manager
Carolinas Hospital System

We’re extremely pleased with Clinical Pharmacology. I’ve had extremely positive reviews from the nurses in ICU and ER. . . . Clinical Pharmacology has proven to be a valuable resource.

William Simpson
Clarion Hospital

Let me take this opportunity to express on behalf of my staff and myself, how useful Clinical Pharmacology is to our practice. We’re a Hospice pharmacy, and always dealing with everything from OTC’s to IV pain management. We use your product extensively as a reference source, and navigation is a breeze.

Michael F. Noonan, R.Ph., Staff Pharmacist
Medical Service Company, Cleveland OH

The combination of thoughtful program design, comprehensive content, ease of use, and the incorporation of images of products make Clinical Pharmacology a benchmark product against which other drug information products should be weighed.

Medical Information Technology Alert

When purchasing our clinical software program, ease-of-use was paramount. Cliché as it is, time is money. We quickly trained the nursing staff to look up many of their own medication questions, incompatibilities, as well as print patient medication information sheets. They love it. As far as the pharmacy is concerned, the depth and breadth of information is excellent and the layout makes for quick searches. Put the price point into consideration and in my opinion, Clinical Pharmacology is the best on the market.

Nathaniel David Simmons, PharmD/MBA, Director of Pharmacy Services
Prexus Health