Online Drug PricingĀ and Analytics Database

ProspectorRx makes it easier than ever to track drug price changes, delivering the most up-to-the-minute data available anywhere. Completely web-based and ready-to-use, ProspectoRx delivers all the pricing data you need on brand-name drugs, generics, medical devices and supplies, all in one convenient solution.

Provide data instantly

ProspectoRx delivers immediate access to price changes and new product information. Data is constantly updated with new information directly from drug companies, keeping you on the cutting edge of drug information.

Organize data intelligently

ProspectoRx is flexible, allowing you to group products with unprecedented precision. By organizing products into competing market baskets based on how drugs are actually used, you gain a wealth of data for competitive intelligence and formulary development.

Save searches and watch lists

ProspectoRx gives you quick access to the data you need. You can save searches based on product names, ingredients, and other criteria. You can also create watch lists that will send e-mail alerts when prices change.

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