Formulary Management &
Communications System for Hospitals

FormChecker is a powerful hospital formulary management system, allowing administrators to view and update formularies. This intuitive system incorporates guidelines, alerts, and more, and is accessible from any web browser for maximum flexibility.

FormChecker helps you establish department-wide or hospital-wide policies based on both cost and efficacy. You can distribute dosing guidelines and standard order elements, and the system also helps address immediate issues, including shortages, recalls, warnings and more.

Drive compliance

FormChecker helps simplify compliance with key Joint Commission medication management guidelines

Create cost savings

FormChecker gives hospitals the power to develop and implement effective cost-saving policies, saving an average of $375,000 to $900,000 per hospital.*

Increase staff productivity

The system delivers accurate formulary information at the point of care, dramatically increasing dispensation efficiency and eliminating costs associated with converting non-forumary requests. This leads to an estimated savings of $15,000 to $20,000.**

*Estimate according to the US Surgeon General
**Estimate based on University of Michigan study

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