Clinical Measures

Web-based Pharmacy Intervention Documentation & Reporting

Clinical Measures documents nearly every clinical activity within your organization, producing detailed reports that identify areas for improvement, recognition, savings, and more. It takes volumes of data and transforms it into actionable insights, leading toward meaningful, powerful improvements in patient safety and financial efficiency.

Streamline regulatory compliance

Clinical Measures helps you build the key documentation you need to meet Joint Commission and CMS requirements.

Set performance benchmarks

By building a framework of expectations, and setting standards for interventions and other care, Clinical Measures ensures that resources are allocated to ensure that patient safety is always at the forefront.

Realize cost savings

Clinical Measures shows you exactly where money is being spent throughout your organization – enabling you to quickly spot critical savings opportunities.

Save time

The system’s intuitive user interface enables you to gather the information you need and produce professional reports quickly so you can make updates and improve safety faster.

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