Gold Standard Drug Database


Integrated Drug Database &
Decision Support Engine

Unique both in structure and scope, Gold Standard Drug Database will transform the way your organization uses drug information. It provides an unparalleled level of detail and breadth, driving smarter drug decisions in every healthcare setting. Its modern technical architecture, combined with current, accurate content, and built-in human logic for superior decision support, puts Gold Standard in a class by itself among drug databases.

Minimize Alert Fatigue

Our Intelligent Decision Support Logic filters the noise and protects against both false negative and false positive alerts by considering factors such as route of administration and accepted duplicate therapies, and by screening all ingredients of multi-compound products and multi-dose products. This improves point-of-care decision making, ensuring only the most relevant, accurate issues are flagged for prescribing and dispensing.

Stay current

While other databases can be days or even weeks behind, the Gold Standard Drug Database is updated daily, including weekends and holidays, so that the latest information is always at your fingertips.

Find answers for every healthcare setting

The Gold Standard Drug Database is built in modules so you can bring in only the information you need, and none of the clutter you don’t.

Implement easily

Our technology features advanced XML queries and responses to integrate with your current system, no matter how it is configured.

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