Point-of-Care Solution for Poison &
Drug Emergencies

In drug overdose and poisoning emergencies, you can trust ToxED to help you make sound and confident clinical decisions. As your total clinical toxicology resource, ToxED delivers evidence-based information, helping you through the assessment, diagnosis and management of crucial drug and poisoning emergencies.

Save precious time

When every second counts, ToxED eliminates guessing with concise, easy-to-find answers such as Quick Drug IDentifier, full-color images of plants, mushrooms and poisonous animals, and fast search and access to over one million Material Safety Data Sheets. That means you save precious time when you need it most – saving lives.

Improve critical point-of-care decisions

You choose the level of detail in your information, giving you the precise facts you need, exactly when you need them. No more, no less. Plus, with instant access to valuable clinical toxicological resources such as the CDC and more, you’ll have everything you need to make quick, informed clinical decisions.

Reduce dangerous errors

ToxED is updated regularly to ensure availability of the latest information on the treatment of poisonings and drug overdoses. Our content is peer-reviewed by leading clinical toxicology experts to ensure accuracy.

Enhance patient care

ToxED’s user-friendly format is designed specifically for use right at the bedside, where all your critical decisions happen. With its concise and accurate information on common toxic exposures, ToxED speeds the assessment, diagnosis and management of your patient’s condition, improving quality of care and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

To learn more about ToxED, please contact us or request a demo.