Consumer Medication Information

Information is power – and that belief is at the heart of MEDcounselor.

MEDcounselor helps you give consumers the accurate, comprehensive information they need to make smart choices about their health care. Our consumer medication information includes instructions on drug interactions and side-effects. Combined with the industry’s largest database of prescription drug images, we help ensure your patients take the right drug at the right time.

Provide timely, trustworthy, peer-reviewed content

Drug information, interactions and FDA regulations are always shifting – and MEDcounselor is always current. Each update is carefully reviewed before it is added to the database, so you can trust the information you provide is accurate.

Speak their language

We offer 21 language modules, ensuring your patients have information they can understand and use. Our drug information is translated by native speakers who are also healthcare professionals, ensuring accuracy of the translation into their native language.

Build knowledge and safety

MEDcounselor content helps customers understand their medications, increasing compliance and preventing dangerous, costly errors.

To learn more about MEDcounselor, contact us or request a demo.