Comprehensive Resource for Drug Therapy Options & Costs

MEDalternatives, a clinical engine solution, identifies safe and cost effective medication alternatives for achieving therapy compliance and significant savings with brand alternatives.

More options

In serving providers, MEDalternatives presents all comparative drug options, including therapeutic alternatives across drug classes and by indication, with more ways to use information to control costs and improve outcomes.

Less cost

For health plans, MEDalternatives saves on prescription drug costs, going beyond brand-to-generic switching. Nearly 80% of brand spend is vastly reduced with affordable, effective therapeutic alternatives, saving money for payers and patients.

Better outcomes

MEDalternatives positively impacts the health of member populations. Lower costs mean more adherence to prescribed drug regimens, helping providers and payers achieve better patient outcomes.

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Health plans that have maximized savings on brand to generic conversions have additional cost-savings options.

Generic Drug costs are lower than ever and more than three quarters of the prescriptions written and filled in the U.S. are for generics. However, prescription drug spending continues to go up due to the very high prices of popular brands. Health plans can save money by identifying and switching to therapeutic alternatives of other, less expensive, brand drugs.

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