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Clinical Pharmacology


Referential & Point-of-Care Drug
Information Solution

Clinical Pharmacology has been named by independent research studies as the most complete and dependable drug reference solution on the market today. For you, that means it provides the most comprehensive, current drug information through the industry’s cleanest, easiest-to-use interface.

Clinical Pharmacology sets the standard drug reference. It is trusted by more than 2,000 hospitals, 35,000 retail pharmacies, health plans, PBMs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and academic institutions.

quote We're extremely pleased with Clinical Pharmacology. I've had extremely positive reviews from the nurses in ICU and ER. . . . Clinical Pharmacology has proven to be a valuable resource. quote

William Simpson

Click and find

Clinical Pharmacology makes it easy to find the answers you need without searching through information that does not address your specific question. It’s not about being easy to search, it’s about being easy to find.

Access anywhere with Clinical Pharmacology Mobile App

The new Clinical Pharmacology mobile app provides even faster speed to answer with offline native search and search aids, such as type-ahead, concepts, and scoping and weighting of search terms. The user interface breaks up content into small, usable segments using helpful infographics.  Evidence-supported clinical quickly distill meaningful answers from long-form content.    Learn more.

Enhance patient care

Flexible, comprehensive search technology helps you find drug data based on a wide range of clinical criteria faster than other systems. That means you have more time to focus your attention and expertise on drug counseling for patients and prescribers.

Improve outcomes

Clinical Pharmacology drives better outcomes by putting the most accurate, current information in the hands of physicians, pharmacists, and other clinicians. By using Drug Class Overviews, formulary drug decision and therapeutic drug substitution evaluation is made safer and more effective. All updates and patient education materials are written and reviewed by pharmacy professionals, ensuring accuracy and safety.

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