Elsevier's Gold Standard

Moving the industry forward.

In an industry where cumbersome technology and outdated information are unfortunately commonplace, we set out to do things differently.

At Elsevier’s Gold Standard, we believe in giving pharmacists, physicians, nurses and patients access to better drug information, with an eye toward improving safety and lowering costs.

We started by building a powerful, modular, modern drug database that is designed to deliver exactly the information you need – exactly when and where you need it.

Unlike legacy databases that are inflexible and slow to update, Elsevier’s Gold Standard drug data is nimble and constantly updated by experienced clinicians, so you can trust that it is accurate, current, and comprehensive. Able to perform as you need it across interoperable systems, our drug information is accessible through logical API calls, which make implementation and customization much faster and easier than with any other drug database.

We also offer drug reference, pricing and analysis, and patient education solutions to meet your drug information needs across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Elsevier’s Gold Standard is a key part of Elsevier Clinical Solutions, building on a rich, 150-year history of fusing technology and content solutions to push professionals and the industry toward higher quality and better patient outcomes.