Strong ties in the industry.

Because so many individuals and institutions depend on the drug information we provide, strong ties with industry-affiliated organizations are critical. These relationships enable mutual sharing of knowledge and resources, provide standards and insights for product development, and ultimately enrich the solutions we offer to our customers.

At Elsevier’s Gold Standard, we pride ourselves on successful relationships forged with our industry allies.

Among the organizations that have ties in some form with Elsevier’s Gold Standard are:

ACTIO Corporation

Since 1996, Actio has been helping companies and millions of their employees, in a wide range of industries, cost-effectively manage the complexities surrounding the use of chemicals in the workplace. Actio is a leading business service provider for chemical lifecycle management. Our chemical management portfolio manages all phases of the chemical life cycle, enables corporations to use a “best practices” approach to chemical handling and manages the regulatory requirements surrounding the use of chemicals in the workplace.

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ASAP’s seeks to foster understanding of the role that technology plays in assisting pharmacists to promote patient safety and the proper use of medications, comply with laws and regulations, and operate their practices more efficiently by providing a forum for sharing diverse knowledge and perspectives on the modern practice of pharmacy.


HDMA is the national association representing primary, full-service healthcare distributors. Each business day, the member companies of HDMA ensure that more than eight million prescription medicines and healthcare products are safely delivered to 145,000 pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, clinics, government and other providers in all 50 states. HDMA and its members are the vital link in the healthcare system, working daily to provide value, remove costs and develop innovative solutions to deliver care safely and effectively.

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Language Scientific

Language Scientific (formerly RIC International, Inc.) is a US-based translation and localization services company.

Our Advanced Scientific Knowledge Network (ASKnetworkâ„¢) provides medical, scientific and technical translation services in all the major European, Asian, and American languages.

Our specialization, focus, as well as ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certified quality management systems have earned us the trust of the leading technology, engineering, and pharmaceutical companies.

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MedKeeper is a leading provider of web and handheld-based software applications that promote clinical excellence and workflow productivity in hospital and community pharmacies. More than 600 hospitals and 2,000 retail pharmacies use MedKeeper’s hosted applications to promote patient safety, improve communications and ensure regulatory compliance. Founded in 2001, the company is privately-held, and headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. In February 2006, MedKeeper entered into a strategic partnership and exclusive reseller agreement with Gold Standard, bringing together best-of-breed pharmacy tracking, communication and reporting software tools with world-class drug information content.


The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) works to enable and support its members to better meet the ever-changing needs of their patients and customers, while representing the practical, legislative and regulatory needs of community pharmacies across the nation.


NCPDP is an ANSI-accredited, Standards Development Organization with members representing all sectors of the pharmacy services industry. We provide leadership and business solutions through education, standards and healthcare data services.


The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute provides research, education, and publication services to help health care benefit executives work with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and other pharmacy professionals to design prescription drug benefit programs. PBMI provides a forum for health care purchasers to exchange ideas, advance best practices, and drive marketplace changes that improve pharmacy benefits and control costs.


The Pharmacy Quality Alliance is a membership and consensus-based, non-profit organization established in April 2006. PQA’s mission is:

To improve the quality of medication use across health care settings through a collaborative process in which key stakeholders agree on a strategy for measuring and reporting performance information related to medications.


With RxTran, pharmacies can now communicate drug label safety information more effectively and quickly to patients with limited command of the English language. We provide pharmacies with an online on-demand library of pre-translated prescription drug label information, including:

  • Patient Instructions (SIG) Directions for use of prescription medicaiton
  • Auxiliary Warning Labels for prescription containers as part of the label generation process
  • Consumer Medication Information (CMI) Medication Guides and Package Inserts printed instantly at the pharmacy for patient convenience

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